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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions should be read before any use of Desi Homes services or website. Use of this website of any means, that the user complies with all terms and conditions of this website regarding policy and use of information. Desi Homes Canada may at any time modify these terms and conditions to satisfy Desi Homes canada.

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Desi Homes Canada provides access and use of this site under use of the terms and conditions.

Advertisement and Business

Desi Homes can run advertisements and promotions from other businesses or third party. Any association with these other promoters or third party is strictly between the user and that party. Desi Homes is not responsible for pricing or any promotional offer by advertiser/third party. Desi Homes is not liable for any damages, loss, agreement made between user and advertiser. All disputes regarding advertiser must be taken with them.

User Content

Any content posted or submitted by any means to Desi Homes, grants Obdesk full rights and royalty to the content. This content can be reproduced, published, displayed or adapted in any way by Obdesk

Obdesk is not in control to manage all users content therefore not liable to any content that evokes or infringes upon law by any user.